The Token RegRadar

Keeping track of all regulatory changes globally within the expanding space of asset tokenization and security tokens.

The Token RegRadar The Token RegRadar
Regulatory overview

Regulatory Overview

Lack of regulatory overview is probably the biggest challenge in the emerging asset tokenization and security token space. The players in the space are constantly looking for clear guidance on how to comply with regulations across jurisdictions to scale their solutions, offerings and companies.

Regulatory overview

Global Network

The Token RegRadar's global network of sources and informants continuously provides data that our team processes, analyses, and communicates to all industry players and their advisors.

Regulatory overview


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The Token RegRadar is a subscription-based online platform and software service

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What are the benefits of The Token RegRadar?

Lawyers and other professionals need fast and easy access to quality data to serve their clients in the best possible way. The Token RegRadar is the only service built to meet this need.

The Token RegRadar

  • Enables fast response to client’s questions and requests
  • Provides easy access to accurate quality data
  • Makes it possible to stay up to date with the latest regulatory changes and developments worldwide
  • Helps professionals build up better relations with clients as trusted expert advisors
  • Increases an ongoing internal learning curve among professionals lawyers in their companies
  • Enables lawyers and other professionals to create a stronger market position with a competitive advantage
  • Saves time and money through faster access to data.

The Token RegRadar is a service with a cost that will quickly be covered by the time saved and the increased quality of the insight subscribers gain.