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The Token RegRadar is The Tokenizer’s professional tool developed to assist lawyers, issuance companies, exchanges, STOs, asset owners, institutional investors, governments, and academia who need to safely navigate the fluctuating global environment of asset tokenization and security tokens on their own behalf or on behalf of their clients.

The purpose of The Token RegRadar is to deliver significant value to the subscribers by providing unique data and insight that will give them a clear competitive advantage and save them significant amounts of time and money.

The tokenization industry has set out to revolutionise financial investment by representing a wide range of asset types through pieces of computer code called tokens. Tokens on a blockchain can represent shares, bonds, derivatives, and all kinds of real-world assets. Companies, organisations, and asset owners can use Security Token Offerings - STOs - as alternatives to traditional means of raising capital. The potential is enormous, and the emerging tokenization industry is expected to become a truly global trillion-dollar business. However, regulatory uncertainty and the lack of a regulatory overview across jurisdictions worldwide severely threaten to slow down asset tokenization acceleration.

The Token RegRadar solves this critical problem. By constantly scanning jurisdictions and countries around the world collecting insights, news, and data on the actual regulatory situation everywhere, we can deliver a constantly updated status and progress report for any jurisdiction to the subscribers of our service. Furthermore, by continuously comparing data from different jurisdictions, The Token RegRadar allows the subscribers to benchmark jurisdictions and rank them based on a number of parameters. To put it simply: The Token RegRadar helps professionals in the tokenization industry save time and money.

The Token RegRadar is built for lawyers, issuance companies, exchanges, STOs, asset owners, institutional investors, governments, and academia who need to obtain regulatory clarity across jurisdictions.

Professionals need access to quality data as fast and easy as possible. To save time and money and to be able to deliver the best possible advice to clients and/or internal management.

Unfortunately, obtaining regulatory clarity across jurisdictions within the realm of tokenization is highly challenging for any lawyer or other professional. The Token RegRadar is currently the only service built to deliver a regulatory overview and to track and report all regulatory changes across the world. This overview is the key benefit that The Token RegRadar provides to our subscribers.

The Token RegRadar is a service with a cost that quickly should be covered by the time saved and the increased quality of the insight subscribers can gain.

Yes, The Token RegRadar is a service that was born global, just like the industry and the market it serves. The Token RegRadar already covers more than 50 countries, and by the end of 2022, we expect to cover more than 100 countries.

Data collection takes place in the following ways:

We are constantly expanding the database of articles, reports, analyses, law texts, authority comments & notes, lawsuits etc. The database is already on thousands of items collected via extensive research performed by our team.

We are continuously expanding our global network of legal expert informants, alerting us whenever relevant regulatory changes occur in their jurisdiction. An informant can be a lawyer or a legal expert from a financial regulator, a university or a company in the asset tokenization industry.

Around the clock, we automatically receive data and news via feeds and newsletters from FSAs, central banks and other relevant institutions and organisations in jurisdictions worldwide - including international organisations and authorities such as ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority), the European Commission, the ECB (European Central Bank), SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission), FRB (The Federal Reserve Board), FINRA (The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and similar entities in other regions of the world.

Our global network of informants regularly participates in small surveys. We send out questionnaires 1-2 times a quarter with approximately 5-10 questions relating to relevant topics within asset tokenization in their specific jurisdictions. These questionnaires are similar from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and the answers obtained enable us to carry out comparative analyses of regulatory developments across jurisdictions continuously. The results of these comparative analyses make a significant contribution to the reports produced and sent out to The Token RegRadars subscribers.

The Token RegRadar consists of two main parts. The first part is a platform with a dashboard, a searchable database and a line of practical features that makes The Token RegRadar an indispensable tool in the daily work of anyone who needs, for instance, to advise clients about specific regulatory questions regarding asset tokenization and security tokens.
The second part consists of regular newsletters, reports, and surveys created by The Token RegRadar's specialised team and sent out to subscribers of The Token RegRadar to keep them updated on any relevant news and changes of the space. And to give them valuable and unique insights into particular regulatory sub-topics of the overall theme of asset tokenization and security tokens.

The Token RegRadar was built as a global service. It already covers more than 50 countries, and by the end of 2022, we expect to cover more than 100 countries.

The Token RegRadar is updated several times a week.

Yes, definitely. Besides our extensive searchable database focused specifically on tokenization, we offer unique, non-public content based on direct input from our global network of informants and our own questionnaire surveys, analyses, and reports.

As the first service globally, The Token RegRadar has set out to deliver a complete overview of anything related to the regulation of asset tokenization worldwide. New relevant regulations will be added as they emerge.

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The Token RegRadar offers a competitive advantage by enabling professionals to collect and process crucial regulatory information and insights easier and faster. Also, The Token RegRadar enables the professionals to take on new challenges because of their ability to compare jurisdictions and cover new cross-border territories.

For example, if we take lawyers specialising in blockchain and tokenization, we expect that they would most likely use The Token RegRadar for an estimated five hours per week.

The use would be a mix of searches for:
- Answers to questions asked directly by clients or raised indirectly during the processing of a case
- Updates of regulations in one or many jurisdictions
- Comparisons of jurisdictions
- Law texts
- Lawsuits
- Lawyers and law firms
- Background information of various kinds via our reports, newsletters and more.

Because of the subscribers' access to The Token RegRadar, they are able to save significant amounts of time on these search tasks.

Disclaimer: No, you will always have to get any binding legal opinion from a lawyer. The Token RegRadar offers high-quality, high-value regulatory information and overview that help lawyers and other professionals in the token space save time and money when trying to obtain regulatory clarity.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the validity or accuracy of the data provided by The Token RegRadar. However, we can promise that our team does its utmost always to make any data provided by The Token RegRadar as accurate as possible.

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